How the indices work

Skytra Price Indices

Skytra Price Indices are constructed and managed to reflect the wholesale price of air travel per km flown by an individual passenger at a global, regional & interregional market level, for economy class tickets (collectively, the “Skytra Price Indices” and individually a “Skytra Price Index”).

Units of Value

Yield: $/RPK, this represents the average price (revenue) for transporting one passenger 1 km in each region represented by a Skytra Price Index.

Volume: RPK = Revenue Passenger Kilometre, or in other words,the number of paying passengers. This represents volume.


Skytra will publish a daily $/RPK value for each Skytra Price Index. The first 6 to be published will be Europe - Europe, Asia Pacific - Asia Pacific, North America - North America, Europe - North America, Europe - Asia Pacific and North America - Asia Pacific.

Geographic coverage

The Skytra Price Indices Series will initially consist of the following 6 indices.

APAC - APAC Europe - Europe North America - North America APAC - Europe APAC - North America Europe - North America.

Skytra will consider expanding the index offering with subsets & supersets capturing prices for specific market segments as required by the industry.

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How do I find out more about Skytra Price Indices data?

To find out more about the Skytra Price Indices and data licensing click here to get in touch.


Skytra Price Indices are the result of over 2 years of crunching petabytes of flight ticket data, including offered, ticketed and flown data. Skytra has worked with the air travel industry directly to ensure each index correlates to airline revenues in the region represented by the index. Whilst each airline reports different $/RPK revenues, the critical factor proving the value of the index is an airline's daily movement in relation to the index, not the absolute value. Airline revenue correlations are typically between 70% and 95%*.


Skytra is applying to be registered as a Benchmark Administrator under the EU Benchmarks Regulation. Skytra Price Indices are classified as non-significant benchmarks under the EU Benchmarks Regulation.

Skytra is putting in place an independent governance committee known as Skytra Index Oversight Committee (“SIOC”)

The SIOC will advise Skytra in relation to its indices and challenge decisions made by Skytra’s Executive Committee in relation to decisions made in the determination of Skytra benchmarks.. The SIOC will comprise of market users both from the financial markets and the air travel industry as well as Contributors to the Benchmarks and Skytra representatives. SIOC will act in line with Article 5 EU Benchmarks Regulation (BMR).

*Skytra proprietary data and analysis.

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