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Skytra Global Ticketing Database

Skytra’s global ticketing database is created by cross referencing and aggregating daily air travel ticket information from two of the world’s largest sources. One source provides ticket level transaction data, the other provides offered ticket level pricing data. The Skytra data scientist team developed a proprietary method to cross reference both data sets in order price around 83% of all air travel tickets sold around the worldwide, every single day of the year.

Skytra data products

Skytra Price Indices

Skytra Price Indices track the average cost of air travel in various geographic markets on a daily basis. They measure the price paid to transport one passenger one kilometre, defined as US$ per Revenue Passenger Kilometre ($/RPK).


A regulated* and reliable reference price for;

Airtyx (Business Intelligence)

Airtyx provides the most comprehensive insight in to individual airline performance, starting from the ticket level upwards and provides 4 key metrics of intelligence.

Airtyx provides the 4 metrics for over 435 airlines, broken down by:


About our data partners


IATA DDS is a large and complex dataset. For example in 2019 DDS provided 1.6 billion air travel ticket transactions to Skytra. We have worked with IATA for over three years to integrate the dataset.


Kiwi.com supplies a vast amount of pricing data to Skytra. For example in 2019 we are regularly receiving 20 billion prices checks per day. Leveraging its direct integration with airlines and GDS platforms, the online travel agent and virtual interlining specialist contributes a vast quantity of price checks data.

Our patent pending methodology for cross referencing DDS with kiwi.com enables us to distribute airline specific analysis without running the risk of sharing Material Non Public Information (MNPI).

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*Skytra has applied to the UK’s FCA to be a registered Benchmark Administrator.

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