30 Apr 2020

Covid-19: Impact on Global Air Travel (30 April) - Infographic

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In our fourth COVID-19 coverage report we share the same COVID-19 related metrics which we have complemented by the Skytra Price Indices, which measure the average price of air travel per kilometer in the different markets around the world.

By looking at our vast ticketing database we are are able to identify the impact on ticket pricing in light of the global pandemic and understand how this impacts airlines around the world.

Following weeks of falling prices it looks like average prices are stabilising or even rebounding in certain markets.

Over the coming weeks travel restrictions may start to be lifted and operations could thus resume. It could well be that we will see more volatility on pricing as a new equilibrium of supply and demand is found.

Read our infographic to assess the impact it is having on airlines globally, or download below. Covid-19 Impact Report_30 April